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Are you a trendsetter different from the milieu who can’t think beyond the classic Solitaire? It takes immense courage to be different and pave a path for yourself that no one has tread before. Therefore when you are ready to pop the question you cannot settle for anything ordinary or common; your engagement ring has to be something special and out of the ordinary.

Women and engagement rings

What do women want? Well that is a question for which no man has found the right answer still. But a man who loves his woman does know this much that their engagement is very special to the lady; he is well aware of the fact that on this big day the lady would love to be the centre of attraction amongst her friends and well wishers. As much as she wants her wardrobe to excel, it is the engagement ring that she is going to flaunt and gush over for some time.

What are opals?

Diamond engagement rings are passé. They are classic and distinct no doubt, but there are others that have taken their place; the black opal engagement ring is one of them.

To the un-initiated, opals are naturally occurring gemstones formed in the crevices of rocks. They are some of the most exquisite and delicate of gemstones with beauty not seen in any other stone.

Opals are called the queen of gems as they portray the colors of the rainbow on a milky background. Opals need a lot more care than diamonds because they are soft gemstones. They are gaining popularity as engagement rings.

Enhance your engagement ring with opals

A few things to keep in mind with opal rings are:

* Always opt for bezel settings for the safety and security of the opal remember opal is not hard like a diamond. It can break easily.

* Opals come in various types; the best choice for a sturdy long lasting engagement ring would be boulder opal because it is hardier than the rest.

* Go for flatter opals in comparison to rounded tops to prevent damage and breakage.

Opal vs. diamond ring

Opal rings are much cheaper than a 2ct diamond ring. Their quality is dependent on the brilliance, body tone, pattern and play of color. On the other hand, diamond rings can be 1 or ½ carats quality and cost less than the 2 carat standard diamond ring so sought after by all.

The beauty of the opals is accentuated when it is surrounded by diamonds. Present this unique piece to your beloved and she will find it hard to say no to you and the ring.

How can I Test my 2-ct Diamond ring???

It is always difficult to find out the authenticity of diamonds; there are cubic zirconias which appear similar to diamond but are denser and heavier. To test your diamond it is important to keep in mind the 4 C’s– cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Diamonds which are colorless are far superior to the hued ones. How well a diamond reflects and refracts light is a test to determine the quality of the diamond. Another common test is the fog test; a real diamond doesn’t fog up like a glass piece.

But the best solution is to take the diamond ring to a qualified jeweler who can assess the authenticity of the stone.

For all your jewellery needs and queries contact us at https://www.kristalldiamond.com/opal-ring-engagements/

When you are sitting at home doing your favourite hobby and suddenly the electricity goes down but the light in your room is still up because of the UPS. That is the time you realize how it would be to put your whole home on the UPS. The fact is that you can do it. It is easier to do with the help of Solar Panel kits and a little help from a qualified technician.

Plan out the whole system and determine the size of the Solar Panel system to make your home utilize nature’s energy. You can even use a car charger (Juicebox 40 REVIEW – compact EV charger) to charge your electric car if you have a powerful Solar Panel system in place.

Sizing the Solar Panel System

Calculating the amount of energy required to power your house is not so tough. With simple mathematical calculations, you can determine how to size your solar panel system. By determining the amount of power consumed on a day, you can determine the battery bank size, the inverter size, solar charge controller size and the solar panel size to make it a complete system.

Calculating the Energy

All appliances at home will have a label that mentions how much energy they use when they are in operation. This is the first step and critical to size the solar power system. Say, for example, you use TV for 2 hours in a day and TV consumes 6 DC amps, then the total Amp Hours per day for TV is 12Ah. If, for example, when the consumption of all the appliances are taken into account and it comes to 103Ah, we would need a system that reserves plenty of power to provide the 103Ah without interruption. For this example, 4 225Ah 6V batteries can be wired to give the adequate power. Try the solar generator Vmax battery – affordable. There are also batteries like best accu 18ah battery for solar generators suitable specifically for build solar panel systems.

Sizing the Inverter

An Inverter should be sized based on the maximum draw of current at a given point of time. If you are using a vacuum with the lights on and the music system playing, then you need to know how much these appliances need and size the inverter based on that.

Sizing Charge Controller

Usually, 25% of the total Ah of the battery bank will be the Charge Controller size. If the battery bank can hold 450Ah of current, then then charge controller should be sized to give an output of 112.5Ah of current.

Many of the recommended solar kits have good charge controllers that are adequate to handle moderate level of current flow. Read the Best Yeti 1250 / Solar generator (KIT) 2017 review for more details.

Sizing the Solar Panel

Again, the energy needs that were used to size the battery bank are used to size the solar panels too.


Installing Solar panel kits has its’ own benefits and drawback. While it gives the freedom to enjoy power with less maintenance and long lifespan without any unwanted sound, smell or chemicals, it requires a huge sum for installation and large space. So, think about how it can be planned before making the decision.

Watching the birds while taking a stroll out in the open is indeed an appeasing activity. it not only refreshes the body but also enriches the soul.

Bird watching has become one of the most exciting hobbies in recent times. This is surely a welcome sign as it indicates that people are stepping out of their homes and enjoying the mesmerizing beauty of mother earth.

In order to enjoy the view and watch the birds more closely, it is imperative to possess a good pair of birding binoculars

In this article, we will take a look at the 3 most popular devices currently available in the market. Therefore, don’t buy before reading these binoculars reviews C first.

Top 3 bird watching devices

* Carl Zeiss Optical 8×42 Victory HT

There is no denying the fact that 100% birding binoculars made in Germany are the best in the business. It has been specifically designed for bird watchers and nature lovers.

It is made using the high transmission glass by Schott and has T coatings that allow 95% light transmission. In order to provide maximum color resolution FL lens system is used.

It is ergonomically designed and employs the “comfort focus concept”. As a result, the focusing wheel is situated nearer to the index finger for easy operation http://www.nightvisionoptic.com/binoculars-hunting/. The device can be held comfortably even with gloves on.

It is capable of handling all the on field action as it is made from high quality light weight magnesium materials. The device supports 8X magnification and is fitted with objective lens of 42mm.

The device is backed with a lifetime warranty and a no fault five year policy.

* Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Roof Prism

This bird watching device from Bushnell has been designed using best in class optics and a leight weight robust body.

In order to ensure ideal brightness and true color, the lenses have an anti reflection coating on it. The use of fluorite glass with extra-low dispersion provides excellent color resolution and gets rid of color fringing as well as chromatic aberration.

The patented water repellent coating used on the lenses protects it from snow and rain. As a result the device is waterproof as well as fog proof. It can be used under all conditions.

The device supports 10X magnification and is fitted with objective lens of 42mm. The field of view is wide to provide adequate eye relief to the users. It also features locking diopter.

* Nikon Monarch 7 10×42

If you are looking for a bird watching device of superior quality and advanced optical lens within an economic price bracket, then the Nikon Monarch 7 10×42 is an ideal pick.

The device supports 10X magnification and is fitted with objective lens of 42mm that provides a wide FOV which makes it very easy to spot the subject.

The lenses are coated with multilayer high-reflective dielectric in order to provide images with high contrast and exact color generation https://www.nightvisionoptic.com/horse-racing/.

The device is well designed and is comfortable to hold due to the durable rubber coating. the device comes in a neat looking pouch and lens case.

Science and technology play an important role in our day to day life. Headsets are no exception. A lot of engineering goes into it to ensure that the music that is heard is crisp and crystal clear. The difference between a pair of cheap plastic earphones and the high-quality set is as different as night and day. It is vital to purchase a good quality set to get the best out of the music that is being played.

One of the popular headsets is the J Shinecon High-quality VR headsets. The audio experience is best when the sound can be fine-tuned in many ways. If you can pair the headsets with the kind of music that is being played, the result is truly mind blowing. There are things that one must know before buying a headset.

* Types of Headsets

There are different types of headsets – in-ears, on-ears, and over-the-ears.

* The in-ears are small and light and can be worn for hours together. They are not likely to fall off when you want to jog and listen to music. Some people might not like the invasive nature and prefer to avoid these.

* The on-ears headsets are big in size and sit on your ears. They are more comfortable than the in-ears but may not be suitable for long time use.

* The over the ears headsets are considered to be the most comfortable. They are large in size and allow louder and detailed signatures of the music.

There are also specialized headsets that are noise canceling in nature. One can keep the noise from the environment out and just concentrate on the music that is played on the system.

* Purpose

If headsets are purchased just for music, then there are special ones. For gaming, there are different pairs of headsets. A Virtual Reality headset is what is usually preferred in this scenario. Gamers love the enhanced dialogues and sound effects to improve the gaming experience. They come with microphones to enable voice chat with multiple players.

People worry about the budget of this equipment. The oculus rift is one of the most popular headsets that satisfies the customer both quality and price ways. Their response after purchasing this product is, “that is why we want CHEAP oculus RIFT??!!”. Their stand is that ™Rift made by Oculus is not expensive too. They believe that nothing is being compromised because the product is cheap.

The Taiwanese HTC Vive virtual reality headset has been made top-notch with the fantastic upgrade in the technology. Questions such as how can I buy online this HTC VIVE 2016? are asked frequently by avid gamers. This is considered to be a huge breakthrough in technology and is catching the interest of people who are not even passionate gamers. The high price of this headset is justified by the incredible sound effects and enhanced experience of the user. This headset can be ordered online and is delivered to your home in mint condition. The charges for the package and posting are worth it too. The company has guaranteed that the package will shipped within three working days and will be delivered within three more days. This headset is definitely worth it all.

When you are into music, be it the vocal side or the instrument side, you would be keen on recording your talents. This will not only let you keep track of your talent but also help you listen to it anytime of your choice and you can improvise on it. If you are very good or serious about it, you can even go into the music business and broadcast and sell your recordings.

Whatever the intention is, the basic requirement for a successful recording is microphones. There are different types of microphones for different uses. This is because different purposes have different needs and to fulfill these to the fullest and deliver the best possible sound, mics have been designed differently.

Condenser Microphones

These microphones are great for recording because they are very responsive to the sounds delivered in front of them. Hence when you are singing or speaking, your voice is recorded very clearly without any disturbance of the surrounding noise. This high quality sound is produced due to the diaphragm used as it vibrates according to the sound pressure delivered to it.

These mics are not only sensitive to the sounds but can also deliver a higher sound than what is given to them. Hence your voice will be heard loud and clear when you use these mics. Also, these mics cannot be used independently. They require a phantom power which you can get from any external power supply or a mixing board.

Though they are fragile and more expensive than the dynamic microphones, they are more suitable for your studio recordings, as the sound produced are of very good clarity and quality.

Similarly for live recordings you need a mic that can isolate your voice and not pick up the surrounding noise, so that what people hear will be only your voice and not the other stage sounds. You need the best live vocal mic to ensure your live performance is flawless.

Wondering “where can I buy top microphone for recording??”. There are quite a few options in the market today and you can compare and contrast between the features and select what you want. You can also search for a review of top microphones for vocals ⑩ and get to know more about the microphones that are trending in the market today. These reviews will give you the features, advantages and disadvantages of the mics on the list, thus enabling you to make an informed decision.

For Podcast Purposes

Podcast recordings are very different from in studio recordings. Here, there are different softwares in use and the quality of the sound varies based on which software or App is used. Whether you are using Google hangouts or Skype for your podcast recording, the most important factor is the quality of your connection. If your connection is bad or slow, no matter what microphone you use, the sound recorded is not going to be good.

Apart from the regular requirements from a good microphone, podcast mics must be easy to use with your laptops and computers. You must be able to just plug them in and use. If you are required to use any other external device to increase the power, etc, then it beats the flexibility of podcast recordings.

Go through a podcast mic review of models to know more about the various models available in the market and you can choose the model that suits all your needs the best.

When you are out on a drive in that wonderful vehicle of yours, the last thing you want is to be stopped by a cop, just because you were speeding over the limits. What is the point in having such a great vehicle, paying so much when you can’t experience the best of it?

The radar detector is here to save your day. Once you get a reliable detector, you can mount it in your car and never have to worry about getting another speeding ticket, ever. There are many detectors offered by different companies that promise a lot of features. While it is easy to get confused as to which model is worth your money, here are a few models that are sure to keep you safe from the cops:

Escort’s Redline

Redline from escort has a twin antenna which provides a longer range of detection. This way you will be warned well ahead of time, when there is a cop with a radar on the road. It can detect even the POP radar guns and thus keep you safe from all types of detections.

Technologically advanced this redline detector can keep you up to date with its online APP – the Escort Live. Other users of this detector will key in the details of where there are cops and it will be reflected on your APP. Hence when you are on a new road and have no idea as to where you could come across a radar, other users’ inputs can save you from a ticket.

If you want to know more about the detector just search for radars reviews for 2017: escort redline! And you can get to know more about these devices before you can invest in them.

Escort Max 360

This detector from Escort has the Escort Live App too. Apart from that it has arrows that indicate which direction the cops are in. now when you are driving and your device beeps your warning, you need not wonder which side the cop is on, in that location.

The GPS auto learn feature learns to reject false alarms as and when you turn off the alarms that you find unnecessary. These rejected alarms are stored in its memory and the next time you are on that road, you won’t be bothered with the false alarms.

Though it is on the expensive side, this radar detector model is top notch! (Escort Max 360). When you want to invest in a radar detector, it might as well be in a good one.

Cobra SPX5500 Radar

Cobra, known for its technology in radar detection for more than three decades, has culminated all its knowledge into this SPX5500. The sleek unit is just half the size of the other detectors in the market and uses military grade components for durability and quality. The cheap priced Cobra SPX 5500 radar has more features such as the tone alert, signal strength alert, dim modes, mute facility etc.

You can even search online and find the best Cobra 360 laser radar review to know more about this unit, can make a wise choice.

Apart from the great culinary skills, the proper kitchen gadgets are essential for great cooking. Being a foodie, people would love to experiment with food. This might include different types of cooking like steaming, sautéing and deep frying. For a mom, the thing that worries constantly are about the meals being nutritional that are served to the kids. For Kids, they want to have a tasty meal that excites them. It could be color or the taste of the meal.

Great cooking with the Instant Pot ip-LUX60 E:

One can improve their ordinary cooking to great cooking is with the Instant Pot ip-LUX60 E. This is ranked as① Instapot top brand! The features of the InstantPot IP-LUX60E is the convenience to cook faster and efficiently, consume less energy.

Features of the Instant Pot LUX 60E is its convenience in cooking the wide variety of the foods. There is no need for constant monitoring once the initial program is chosen. Each of the programming function, takes time and it goes through the stages like soaking, blanching, steaming and finally braising to get the perfect intended consistency.

The other feature is its delayed cooking function. This function lets the appliance to delay the cooking in hours, so when the family is out and about they can come home for the ready meals. The food cooked with the instant pot is highly nutritious compared to the conventional pressure cooking.

Safety of the Instant pot is ensured by the ten safety mechanisms that make the instant pot safe to use for different kinds of cooking. The ten safety mechanism ensures if the lid is closed tightly, protection against leaking, automatic pressure control, temperature control and warning.

Great Baking with KitchenAid Mixer:

KitchenAid Mixer is an excellent stand mixer for professional baking. Professional bakers would love to bake as many cakes. The preparation of dough is a very important stage in baking to get a perfect spongy cake and for the crust to be right while baking bread.

The Kitchen AID MIXER – best price Artisan model! is a high quality appliance specially designed to do multiple task performed by number of appliances like blender, juicer or even dough maker. The performance of the Kitchen Aid Mixer is very good and it’s also a durable appliance. It comes with a sturdy stainless steel bowl along with the comfortable handle.

The very stylish bowl lift design makes the appliance very handy compared to the tilt design. This also aids in baking larger quantities but maintains the same efficiency even for the increased quantities. This is the main reason why the professional bakers always own the KitchenAid Mixer.

Great Aid in Preparing Food:

The KitchenAid Food processor Attachment is a wonderful attachment to the KitchenAid. This helps in meal preparation. The tiresome jobs like dicing, slicing and shredding can be done with this attachment. To escape from the boring kitchen tasks, our only savior is the [Attachment HQ] KitchenAid food processor!!!

This attachment is the best available food processor with an ExactSlic System, that process the food amazingly.

When it comes to choosing the perfect electric drum sets for juniors, great care has to be exercised in terms of easy handling, safety and easy learning functions. A drumset has to be light weighted, easily portable, functions and panels easily accessible, easy to hold sticks, safe sockets, easy training modules and coach mode to make it the best suited kit for a junior drummer. On top of all this, the size does matter; the kit has to be exclusively designed in the appropriate size that a junior or a kid would be easily able to operate.

Drumsets from different brands possess varying qualities and are unique in their own sense. No two products can be compared on an equal scale. Music is not same with Roland TD-11KV!! And an Alesis DM model!!So a thorough review is that which is required to come to a clear-cut decision.

The Alesis DM 10 model mesh type comes with five drum pads – four 8 inch toms and a 10 inch snare, four cymbals that includes a 12 inch hi-hat, two 12 inch crash, and a 14 inch three-zone ride. It also has a compact 4-post Stage Rack with incorporated boom cymbal arms. With tightly woven black mesh drum heads it reduces the acoustic noise and provides a quieter and natural drumming experience. This is designed exclusively for studio and live on-stage performance. The player will definitely experience the elevated drumming experience that it offers.

Now coming to a quick look [REVIEW] Alesis DM 6, one can certainly say that it is the perfect choice for an aspiring drummer with the awesome features that includes all-new sound module comprising of 108 high quality drum, cymbal and percussions. The Alesis DM 6 is indeed the brainchild of the 20-year experience of the Alesis Company in the field of drum sets.

It comes as a five-piece kit with 3 tom pads, an upright kick drum pad, a hi-hat crash and ride cymbal pads. Apart from this it also has a bass drum pedal and kick pad to give the drummer a more personal feel. It also has a headphone and amplifier outputs so that the players can either choose to play quietly or to rock-out. DM 6 is best known for its practice tools that makes it the suitable kit for starters. It has a metronome for keeping up time and a built-in sequencer with around 40 pre-recorded sound tracks.

So any junior drummer would grab the DM6 kit because it gives a feel of “yes this is mine: junior drum set >”. Nevertheless there are a lot more varieties of drum kits available in the market and it would definitely be worth your time to get a overview of them before finalizing on your pick.