Pay Per Call Marketing – Is It Truly Economic?  

Today, nothing runs without media and the digital technology. Customers are more aware than ever because of the internet. The trick is not to cheat them and provide false information. In order to improve customer merchant relationship, being up front on issues is necessary. Customers and prospective clients are happy only when their questions are answered. 

Media plays a very important role in connecting with the public. Pay Per Call Marketing is an upcoming and successful connect point. Many companies are now able to see the advantages of this mode of advertising. There is more trust when the customer is being attended to on a personal level. 

But is it cost effective? Yes.  

Internet on the mobile is more than the search of the web from the computer. Mobile browsing beings in the morning and continues to increase steadily during the day. Advantage of this phenomenon must be taken in order to improve sales.  

The call from the mobile to SMBs, according to statistics, is much more. Eighty percent of SMB mobile sites offer the services of click to call. Small business web sites have more to gain from the pay per call route. Money spent on this campaigning method is reimbursed with interest. Hence this method has been adopted in a big way.